Polygraph/Lie Detection

PolygraphAs Pulver Lie Detection and Investigation, now 911 Detective, we have been a reliable truth verification company for over 37 years. With extensive investigative experience through the United States military intelligence, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office, and affiliations with state, local, and federal governments, our firm has been able to successfully detect and discourage public and private crime throughout the country.

What is a Polygraph?

One of the key investigative tools that an experienced investigator can have is the polygraph, or lie detector. The lie detector is a truth verification device that, when used in conjunction with a structured, tactful, and professional interview, can detect if a subject is being truthful regarding his statements or is potentially misleading the investigator.

911 Detective can serve your lie detection needs in the following areas:

Criminal Lie detection

Criminal polygraph testing is usually one in which the subject is either accused of a crime or has already been convicted of a crime. There are prosecutorial polygraph examinations in which there is a strong effort to ascertain a confession if indeed the subject fails the polygraph examination. There is the defense polygraph examination, where obviously if the subject shows deceptive criteria on the polygraph examination, there is not usually a strong effort to elicit a confession.

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Civil Lie Detection

These examinations generally are examinations that involve business issues in which there is a search for either an internal theft situation or some other issue that has called into question the veracity of the subjects involved but is not deemed to be criminal in nature.

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Domestic/Marriage Lie Detection

This polygraph examination is one of the most difficult polygraph examinations an examiner can conduct. Quite often, these examinations are requested by spouses who are concerned about the truthfulness of their spouse concerning an allegation of an affair.

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Sex Offender Management Testing

There are several different reasons for polygraph testing in the Sex Offender Management program. From testing during the initial charge to psychotherapy support, this is a very specialized type of testing.

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