911 Detective Rates

We charge the following rates:

Criminal Polygraph
Our Criminal Polygraph Examinations start at $250 with testing periods running anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 hours
Civil Polygraph

Our basic Civil Polygraph Examination is $250 per test with the average test taking 1.5 hours.

If your situation requires a series of peak of attention tests to be conducted on a group of individuals (such as in the case of an internal theft) please contact us for a daily quote that includes a max of five exams per day for a lesser cost per exam.

Domestic/Marriage Lie Detection

Our rates for domestic polygraph examinations start at $150 and generally take around 1.5 hours. Please contact us for more details or to schedule a polygraph exam. SINGLE ISSUE TESTS AT OUR POST FALLS OFFICE ARE DISCOUNTED TO A SET RATE OF $150.00.

Sex Offender Management Testing

Our Sex Offender Management Testing rate is $150 per hour. The length of an exam is dependent upon the reason for the exam, the examinee, and their history. Contact Us for more details or to schedule an exam.

Criminal/Civil/Domestic Investigations

$100.00 an hour with an initial retainer of $500.00