Courtroom Testimony

We take our courtroom testimony services seriously because we know what’s at stake.

Our preparation for courtroom testimony is intensive. Educating the attorney is a very necessary matter in the pre-courtroom testimony stage. Detailed discussion of scientific evidence and forensic psychophysiology with the attorney who is going to present polygraph evidence is mandatory. This should be incorporated as part of the review of the polygraph evidence with the attorney and usually takes a minimum of at least one to two days prior to the actual court date.

Our rate for courtroom testimony is $1,000 per day or $150 per hour for partial day testimony plus travel and expense.

Need a second opinion?

We are also available for expert review of another examiner’s polygraph test data and quality control,  as well as review of interrogations by other investigators. Courtroom testimony fees apply for these services.

To hire us for courtroom testimony, please contact us here.