Sex Offender Management Testing

Sex Offender Management Testing Rates

Our Sex Offender Management Testing rate is $150 per hour. The length of an exam is dependent upon the reason for the exam, the examinee, and their history. Contact Us for more details or to schedule an exam.

More About Sex Offender Management Testing

Sex offender management testing is one that is highly regulated from state to state. The American Polygraph Association (APA) has made an additional category of polygraph examiner, and that is a polygraph examiner who is certified in post conviction sex offender polygraph testing. This incorporates additional schooling that an examiner must get after he has already completed an internship and has graduated an APA approved polygraph school.

AAPP is the American Association of Police Polygraphers. Both the APA and AAPP are highly respected throughout the nation and have stringent guidelines for the conducting of polygraph testing. High standards are expected of all members.

The reason the additional certification is necessary on post conviction polygraph testing and sex offense polygraph testing is that a subject who is indeed a true sex offender may often be more sexually stimulated by the planning of an attack than by the actual act itself. Whereas in other crimes, the subject is usually stimulated by the crime itself. This creates slight variations of emotional and physical response and the polygraph examiner must be trained to be able to deal with that subtle difference so that there is not an increase in false positives or false negatives. False positive is when a subject is incorrectly diagnosed as being deceptive. False negative is when a subject is incorrectly diagnosed as being truthful.

Sex offender management testing is often contracted out by states to the lowest bidder, which is a weakness in the sex offense management programs in many a state.

Subjects who conduct multiple sex offender tests have a tendency to over work themselves and that in itself creates a higher possibility of a mistakes.

Sex offense testing is broken down into different categories. Instant offense polygraph testing is one in which an individual is tested as to whether he has committed an actual charged sex crime. Sex offender monitoring is one in which a sex offender is monitored to make certain he has not violated any terms of his probation since he has been granted probation and/or since his last polygraph examination. Sexual history polygraph testing is one in which a sex offender is charged with documenting his entire sexual history. This test is used as a therapist tool to verify that the subject is being truthful regarding his sexual history and not withholding other past victims from the therapist or past sexual deviant behavior from the therapist.