Domestic Polygraph Examinations

Domestic Polygraph Testing Rates

Our rates for domestic polygraph examinations start at $150 and generally take around 1.5 hours. Please contact us for more details or to schedule a polygraph exam. SINGLE ISSUE TESTS AT OUR POST FALLS OFFICE ARE DISCOUNTED TO A SET RATE OF $150.00.

More About Domestic Polygraph Testing

The domestic/marriage polygraph examination is one of the most difficult polygraph examinations an examiner can conduct. Quite often, these examinations are requested by spouses who are concerned about the truthfulness of their spouse concerning an allegation of an affair.

These tests are ones in which the examiner has to get some background as to the allegation of the affair. In the pretest interview with the polygraph subject, the examiner has to ascertain whether there has been anything similar in nature that the polygraph subject has done during the course of their marriage that might cause a guilty response on the examination or might cause an outside variable response. Domestic/marriage polygraph examinations are an accurate tool of fidelity. However, most examiners, because of the fact that it is a highly emotional test, feel uncomfortable conducting such a test.

People reading this material should understand that the polygraph subject is not attached to the instrumentation for very long. Each of the two to three charts usually take four to five minutes. During the interview phase, the polygraph equipment is not attached to the subject as it is during the testing phase. The testing phase is usually 15 to 20 minutes long.