Civil Polygraph Testing

Civil Polygraph Testing Rates

Our basic Civil Polygraph Examination is $250 per test with the average test taking 1.5 hours.

If your situation requires a series of peak of attention tests to be conducted on a group of individuals (such as in the case of an internal theft) please contact us for a daily quote that includes a max of five exams per day for a lesser cost per exam.

More About Civil Polygraph Testing

Civil polygraph examinations, as previously stated, are often employment related. Whether it is sexual harassment or internal theft related, these matters are structured like all polygraph examinations with a thorough education for the examiner prior to the subject showing up at his appointment. A pretest interview with the polygraph examiner and the subject is conducted, questions for the examination are formulated, the actual polygraph examination itself is conducted, and the grading of the examination is done.

Scoring questions- Obviously the accused crime is going to evoke some reaction on an innocent subject. That is why when the examiner scores a polygraph examination he will often not give any negative score unless the reaction to the relevant question is twice the amount of the reaction than to the control question.

In a civil polygraph examination, the subject’s information has already been relayed to the polygraph examiner even before the subject appears at the polygrapher’s office. The polygrapher has already read the police report and/or a report to the examiner by the subject’s attorney. A prospective list of questions has already been prepared by the polygraph examiner for the pretest interview.

When the subject arrives, they will always sign a consent form, One option is instead of asking a group of people whether they stole the missing money, you could just ask if the missing bank bag was purple, green, black, red, yellow, or blue. Obviously, if the bank bag was an unusual color, say yellow, and out of ten subjects- only one responded to yellow, then the investigation would probably focus on the individual who responded to the yellow color.

Civil polygraph examinations also include the need for additional forms required for compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act.  The examiner will provide these forms.