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Testimony & Defense

The courts value experience. Mr. Pulver has over 37 years of investigative and polygraph experience to offer. He knows the importance of an open mind in defense investigation and has the perseverance to find the evidence that the police may not have had the time or resources to find. Learn more about our Courtroom Testimony services.

Security & Surveillance

Our staff has experience in both rural and city surveillance. Our observation skills are aimed toward proving what is truly happening and obtaining still photo and/or video evidence if possible. Learn more about our Investigative services.

Find PeopleFind People

Our staff has assets and resources that are NOT available to the police or through the internet. These assets enable us to find a person’s location quickly. Our ability to find people matches and often surpasses that of most police agencies. In fact, our aid is often requested by police agencies in their investigations. Learn more about our Investigative services.

Background Checks

Want to know more about that person who is in a position of trust with your kids? For your own peace of mind, background checks are a common investigative need that we can provide.


Licensed to conduct private investigations in Idaho, Washington and California, we are experienced in unbiased evidence collection in the criminal, civil and domestic arenas. Learn more about our Investigative services.

Investigate Your Date

Gain the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy that first date! Through our confidential Investigate Your Date service you will know where your date has lived, your date’s jobs, family, properties, licenses and if he or she has any criminal history. Learn more about our Investigate Your Date services.

Polygraphs & Lie Detection

With 37 years of police and civil practice experience, Mr. Pulver is currently one of only a few Quality Review Examiners for the Northwest Polygraph Association. As such, he is called on by the courts and legal community to evaluate the work product of other polygraph examiners. He is also a past instructor and officer of numerous polygraph organizations. Learn more about our Polygraph and Lie Detection services.